A lot of personality

The previous exercise, "(Dis)agreeable You" was based on one of the "Big Five" personality traits. The big five model can be a good way to think about your own strengths a weaknesses, those of others and even how your relationships function. These Big Five are: extroversion/introversionopenness/traditionalismconscientiousness/carelessnessemotional stability/low stress toleranceagreeable/assertive In each case these are two … Continue reading A lot of personality

Exercise – (Dis)agreeable you

Here's a first exercise for you. In a couple of days I'll post a little more background on the theories behind this exercise. Enjoy, and let me know how it went in the comments. I'll be doing this exercise "live" in Barcelona on Sunday: https://www.meetup.com/Barcelona-Write-Together/events/266070141/. Emotional intensity: mediumSuggested time allocation: 30 minutes Preparation Grab a … Continue reading Exercise – (Dis)agreeable you

First post

This blog is a series of experiments in reflective writing for problem-solving, therapeutic benefit, self-improvement and self-exploration. I'll prepare short 20-minute writing exercises using ideas from psychology and elsewhere. These will be in written form, and sometimes as recordings. Occasionally I'll post some general background on the theories underlying these exercises. Please join me. Think … Continue reading First post