First post

This blog is a series of experiments in reflective writing for problem-solving, therapeutic benefit, self-improvement and self-exploration. I’ll prepare short 20-minute writing exercises using ideas from psychology and elsewhere. These will be in written form, and sometimes as recordings. Occasionally I’ll post some general background on the theories underlying these exercises.

Please join me.

Think of these as exercise for your mind. They’re not treatment; Using anything here as a substitute for psychotherapy is akin to trying to cure heart disease by going running. If you have a serious problem, please get professional help. I’m not mental health professional.

I’m also, like all human beings, wrong most of the time. Bear that in mind when using these exercises. All we can do is blindly feel our way forward through our lives, pick ourselves up when we trip over a tree-root and when we step in dog poop, stop to wipe our shoes in a patch of grass.

Consider this book a thick patch of grass by the path of your life where you can wipe the dog poop off your shoes.

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