Your custom-made happy-place

This is an exercise inspired by the challenges of our current confinement. It was influenced by my writings of people who had suffered much worse imprisonment, like Victor Frankl and James Stockdale. One of their observations is that hoping for or predicting an end-date to the situation can be devastating to those involved. Instead, they … Continue reading Your custom-made happy-place

Sentence stubs

(takes about 30 minutes) This exercise is a guided exploration of feelings and motivations. The extent to which this brings up genuinely new insights will depend on how exploratory you are feeling, and how much you are willing to challenge yourself. Write for 3-5 minutes about each of these topics. Try to “push through” if … Continue reading Sentence stubs

Exercise – What would Hercules do?

(Suggested time : 10-20 minutes) Preparation This exercise required a complex/messy/wicked problem that you’ve been dealing with recently. Preferable it should be one that you’ve become “stuck” after already thinking about it for some time. The exercise (3 minutes) Describe the issue. What is it about? What are the unknowns=Who are the main people involved? … Continue reading Exercise – What would Hercules do?

Exercise – Your personal hell and heaven

(Takes about 20 minutes) Stories can have a strong impact on us. Most of the time we are recipients of stories: through movies, books, and even daily conversations. Stories allow us to communicate complex issues quickly and create a shared understanding. In this exercise we’re going to try to use this “tool” to structure our … Continue reading Exercise – Your personal hell and heaven